Sing unto the Lord an Old Song

A message from Peter Idris Taylor:

With the current lock-down churches are finding new ways to connect to their congregations and the wider world.

As an Association of Churches we have put some old songs on-line. We produced them originally for people wishing to take hymns and songs into Nursing and Residential Homes or to shut-ins to trigger memories of days when they went to school or Sunday School. This week we have released these on YouTube so that churches can use some of these as part of their ministries as we are all 'shut-ins' now!

These songs are really old... but that means they are in the public domain and we hold the copyright for the recordings (which were made last May). We are happy to give permission for the recordings to be used, downloaded, embedded, etc. - we are only asking people to apply for free permission so that we get an idea of how and where they are being used. Otherwise, we just want people to be brought closer to our Saviour.

A batch on such songs are on YouthTube's "Sing unto the Lord an Old Song" channel.


In addition, here is a link to a little video I made yesterday to encourage older ministers to think about using the internet for Ministry purposes during the current crisis.


You are welcome to share these as you see appropriate.

There are also all sorts of resources being released online to help families in ministering to their own children at home and there is a list of resources on:


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