Resources for youth and kids work

Resources and Ideas following the EMW Children and Youth work Zoom session.

You can download pdf here - https://www.emw.org.uk/2020/05/youth-and-children-resource/

Some General points

Safeguarding – please be aware of your policies and government guidelines. Help is available from these websites:

Length – Many churches have found that young people are tired, and ministers are finding that people and children are able to listen to less online than face to face. It may be a good idea to keep talks short and to the point.

Allow kids to talk to each other and relax in a safe environment – this is particularly true for children who have no siblings at home.

Using crafts in the service is a good way to include kids and make it more engaging. Nice idea to use kids craft from previous weeks in each service. Also, good to share pics on Facebook to raise profile of the church.

Memory verses are great during lockdown.

It has been good to deal with real issues with the youth – things that they are seeing around them – e.g. loneliness, death, time management.

Holiday clubs have been good on YouTube.

Many churches have found taking colouring books and packs to children a great way of keeping in touch – especially with non-church kids (Day one Colouring books are on special price).

One Church used scrapbooks to encourage kids to keep records of what they are learning.

Games Ideas Resources

  • Trick Questions - a list of riddle-like questions in a quiz format

  • Built a Lego Bridge beforehand (as a visual aid to describe why we are called 'The Bridge Church') - then got the youth to vote on how many tins it would hold before it collapses. I am sure it could be adapted to suit a theme.

  • Cluedo - (hard to prepare unless you know who's coming) - Basically you write down where everyone is (e.g. Kitchen, garden, hallway etc.), what they were doing (e.g. talking to Person 1, playing golf with person 2) and who they were with. You send it to everyone BAR the murderer and accomplice. The detective then asks everyone a question and they need to either read what's been written to them (they can add in some extra's if they want to make it more fun) or if they're the murderer or accomplice they have to make it up. After a little bit, the detective has to say who they think the murderer and accomplice are.

  • Professions - Everyone has a Profession and a Profession they need to look for. Everyone then goes round and says two things about their profession and at the end you have to guess who had the profession you had to find (the professions need to go in a circle so everyone is looking for someone). e.g. Person 1: Baker has to find Pilot, Person 2: Pilot has to find Builder, Person 2's clues: I'm always looking out a window. I work in a high place.

  • Just one - Basically one person is on and does not look at the camera till the end. The other people all look at a word and then must write down one word to describe that word. They then all show the camera and if there's any duplicates they're removed and the remaining words get shown to the person who's on which has to guess the word. e.g. word is Chocolate, Person 1: Belgian, Person 2: Sweet, Person 3: Belgian. Because Person 1 and 3 wrote Belgian that word is removed from the game and the person who is on needs to guess the word (Chocolate) by only looking at Sweet.

  • Friends from Deeside and Upton also had a great Escape room idea where they had a power point of 6 Riddles which give codes. The kids need to find the codes and message the leader on zoom to 'escape'. This works best in a breakout room I think but I have not been able to try it yet so best to ask them.

  • Icon quiz (Llanelli Free Evangelical Church):

  • 1. 👥🌳 🍎 😳💀 👗 👖

  • 2. 💪 ❤ 💃 💇⛔ 👀 ��

  • 3. ⛵ 🏊🐋 🙏 🌴🏰 📣

  • 4. 🐏 🐑 🚶 🎼 🎸 🇮🇱 👑

  • 5. 🔟 🐸 🌘 👣 🐜 💀 🆓

  • 6. ✋💦🙏 🔥 🐃 ☁ ☔

  • 7. 🙏🚼😴📣😳👂🎎

  • 8. 👳🚸🐪🔪👤🗻🐑

  • 9. 👦👴💰🍺😩🐖🐖

  • 10.🙏🔚👑⤵️🐅🆙

  • 11🚢🐃🐃🐓🐓💦🌈

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Pictionary (using white board on Zoom)

  • Empires - https://youthgroupgames.com.au/games/empires/

  • Name items in 2 mins

  • Cartoon Quiz – watch clip and answer ten questions

  • Quiz – loads of YouTube

  • ‘Would you rather’

  • Scattergories/Stop the bus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3THDJXg1Ts

  • Codenames - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQVHkl8oQEU

  • Psychiatrist

  • Yes/No game

  • Wink competition

  • What happens next (loads on YouTube)

  • Sing the song – mute the child and get them to sing a song – the first to guess the song wins!

  • Some great ideas on these websites:

  • https://parade.com/1025105/stephanieosmanski/zoom-games-for-kids/

  • https://www.twoscotsabroad.com/zoom-video-conference-call-games/

Teaching Ideas and Resources

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