Our open meeting for ministers, leaders and Church Workers

What a wonderful and productive time we had last night at the webinar for Pastors and Church Leaders. (It’s beginning to seem more like a gathering of the ‘The Resistance’ in the Terminator films!) I don’t know about you but the highlight for me, was being able to spit into small breakout groups and share and pray. As helpful as chatting things through in a large group has been, praying together in small groups is by far the most encouraging. Thanks to all who joined and took up the opportunity of equipping and encouraging each other in these irregular days.

I explained last night that because of Maundy Thursday and preparations for Good Friday ministry, it would be better next week if we met on Monday evening at 8.00pm. This will mean that some of our Welsh speaking friends can’t join us as they already have a similar meeting in place on a Monday. We will miss them but it gives us the opportunity to pray for them and for the unique and distinctive challenges and opportunities that they are facing. For example we heard that some Welsh speaking men are taking online funerals with up to 6000 people watching. We need to pray for them and we will.

As well as prayer on Monday we will have a brief time to share generally. If you have any particular struggles that you think this group could help you with, please let us know and we will look at raising them. As well as this if you have had any particular encouragements, please share these too. Perhaps it would be good to look in more detail at the issue of connecting missionally with our communities as well. Perhaps this is our biggest challenge and the area where we need a little push and a lot of encouragement. Do have a think about the following to maybe help you on this issue;

  • How do read your current community?

  • What are people talking about online and concerned about?

  • Is there any talk of God and if so what is being said?

  • Are you aware of any obvious points of connection with needs in your community?

  • Do you know of any Church initiatives into the community that are working?

  • What is holding you back and creating a struggle for you in this area – how may we help you?

As Monday will be the beginning of Easter Week, perhaps there is little better way for us to be together and praying together for God’s mercy and the blessings of His Holy Spirit. Do join us on Monday at 8pm, as a Pastor, Church Worler of Church Leader, you are most welcome.

To register, please visit https://mudiadefengylaiddcymru.formstack.com/forms/emw_church_leaders_helpin_each_other . Once registered, a code will be sent to you a few hours before the meeting.

God bless

Phil Swann

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