New Evangelistic Website

The EMW have launched a new bilingual website to share the gospel. It is based on the evangelistic magazine - 'Ask' that has seen thousands of copies produced and distributed over the past few years.

The articles on the website can be freely distributed in the hope that Churches and Christians will be able to use the resource for their own social media accounts and websites.

The Website includes four main sections:

  1. Stories - In this section you will read many articles and interviews that share people's stories: ordinary people who have faced different situations - success, work, illness, depression, tragedy, insecurity and everything in between. Though each one is different, they are all interesting and we learn so much from them - thanks to everybody who shared their stories with us.

  2. Questions - We don't aim to give easy and glib answers in this section - questions are often difficult and answers are not easy to find, if at all. We hope that some of the responses to questions on this page will be helpful to others and will lead them to find the answer themselves.

  3. More - This section of the site provides more information and articles about the life and the Christian faith.

  4. Contact us - A section that allows people to ask questions or receive free resources.

You can view the website on www.ask-wales.org

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