Encouraging news

In the middle of all the turmoil and change we thought we’d share some stories we’ve heard that gives us a glimpse of what God is doing during this time.

We heard that a school in Scotland that had been refusing Bibles from the local Gideons UK branch for the last few years had called the branch to ask for Bibles a few weeks ago. They said that many of the children were raising questions that they couldn’t answer, and they’d remembered that the Gideons New Testaments had a section giving Scripture passages for different times of need. They wanted a delivery before the school closed.

Many churches have reported seeing a large increase in the people watching their services. It seems that the current situation is shaking people and the fact that they are online (and accessible) is causing people to tune in. One church even saw a ten-fold increase on the numbers that they expected to view the services. Whilst we should be careful how we interpret viewing figures online, it’s clear that more people are tuning in and some of those seem to be non-Christians.

Welsh language Churches have been encouraged. Welsh language people have been very hard to the gospel for many years and many churches are struggling to impact their communities, but last Sunday saw some people reaching out to Churches. Some messages have been received from non-Christians thanking ministers for their messages. It also seems that the anonymity of online watching his making the gospel more accessible to people.

Some younger gospel ministers have found doors opening for them due to older liberal ministers having to self-isolate. Whilst we pray that God would bless these older liberal ministers during this time, we thank God that the gospel can be proclaimed to people that would not usually hear it.
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