Domestic Abuse

With the news that some charities have reported a 25% increase in the number of calls they've received in relation to domestic abuse over the past few weeks, we wanted to share a resource to help Churches.

In January this year, Dr Eryl Davies gave a webinar entitled - 'A Biblical and Pastoral response to Domestic Abuse'.

The webinar can be found on our website - https://www.emw.org.uk/2020/01/a-biblical-and-pastoral-response-to-domestic-abuse/

Details below:

Domestic abuse is an ugly, but all too real, problem that is often not dealt with well within our churches. How are we to respond biblically to such situations? How do pastors and church leaders address this problem when both victim and abuser are part of their congregation? As well as explaining the reality of this issue, this webinar gives helpful guidelines and suggestions for church leaders dealing with cases of domestic abuse.

Speaker: Dr. Eryl Davies. Elder at Heath Church Cardiff, retired principal of the Evangelical Theological Collage of Wales and author of Christian books including ‘Hidden Evil: A biblical and pastoral response to domestic abuse’.

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