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A message from the Christian hymns team.

Given the current crisis in the UK we are working on a reduced cost version of the paid version of the Christian Hymns App to 99p for the time being (the minimum allowed in the App store). Doing this will take a few days to work through the Apple and Android systems. However, the App can still be downloaded and used free of charge, with all hymns available except the ‘in copyright’ ones (tunes and/or words) - most hymns in Christian Hymns are out of copyright.

The easiest way of getting to the App is through the Christian Hymns website - https://www.christianhymns.org.uk/ where there are download links.

Since the App includes a capability to play tunes also, it could be used at home, or broadcast during a church service by placing the tune through a microphone (for all non-copyright tunes/words).

App Features:

  • Search hymns by title, author and verses.

  • Go directly to a hymn number

  • Add hymns to favourites

  • Hymns are listed by printed book contents, index of first line, Psalms and index of biblical references

  • Listen to the hymn tune. A hymn can have multiple tunes that can be accessed from the playlist

  • Change hymn font size, font type and background color

The Christian Hymns team


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