Bala Lite!

15-17 June 2020

Every day from 9.30-12.30

Main speakers – Andy Christofides, Jonathan Thomas, Andy Pitt and Phil Swann

As we’re online this year we’ve opened Bala to Pastors, Church Leaders and Pastors’ Wives.

Although online this year, we pray that Bala will continue to be a pastoral conference where our aim is not to offer ministry in a vacuum. There is a reality to the conference – a spiritual reality where we earnestly seek God, but also a practical reality where we aim to support and serve each other in an ongoing capacity throughout the year. We’ll make every effort to be practical and helpful to the situation we find ourselves in Wales, with our speakers this year coming from, and reflecting a true understanding of the culture and communities of Wales. The programme will be split between preaching sessions, prayer times and three papers on specific subjects all enveloped in an atmosphere of worship and total dependence on God.

Launching of Bala Lite 2020

Live chat with the speakers at the Bala Lite Conference (15-17 June 2020) - Andrew Christofides, Philip Swann, Jonathan Thomas and Andrew Pitt. Including titles of sessions.

More information - www.emw.org.uk/bala-lite

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