We warmly invite you to come to the 2020 Aberystwyth Conference online!

We are all deeply disappointed that we won’t be able to gather together in Aberytwyth this year for our annual conference. The organising team have prayerfully considered what we can do instead and have come up with Aber Lite. Its not Lite in the sense of fewer spiritual calories, as we trust that the Lord will feed our faith by his word, but it is Lite in the sense of limited. There will be just three main preaching meetings on Tuesday to Thursday evenings, each released at 7 p.m. on our YouTube channel. These will be the focus of our conference and the preachers are Phil Swann (Llanelli), Stephen Clark (Bridgend) and Ian Parry (Cardiff). In the mornings there will be additional videos for all ages from Tiny Tots to extratime. Sadly, one central feature of our annual conferences will be missing: the prayer meetings. Since we depend upon the Lord for grace and mercy in all we do, can I urge you to pray before, during and after Aber Lite that the Lord will be pleased to meet with us and to save those who, as yet, have not turned to Christ for salvation? We will be pleased to have your feedback this year, and we trust, in God’s will, that we will be able to see you next year back in Aberytwyth. Jeremy Bailey (Conference Chair)

The details

  • 11-14 August 2020

  • Speakers: (Evening) Phil Swann, Stephen Clark & Ian Parry

  • Children and Youth Clubs (mornings)

  • ExtraTime youth sessions

  • Free to all online via website, Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo

Visit the EMW Website for all the latest information.

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