A church’s coronavirus response

When the Prime Minister came out a number of weeks ago and said we all had to stay at a distance to one another, or worse, to self-isolate we thought as a church how can we respond and what can we do for our neighbours in our street.

I drew up the following card with my details on it and Church logo making sure people could find help, support and even prayer for their situation and circumstance.

We are two weeks on from the initial contact but we’ve had three responses from people who live on our street.

A local councilor said he got our leaflet and thanked us for it. He went on to tell us that his rats got hold of it and were using it for their bedding! Glad it could be of use even for the rats.

Another man who has had bereavement this year and lives by himself sent a text

message of thanks and that he was alright and coping at the moment but again he was appreciative of someone looking out for him.

A third couple who are expecting a baby responded, they said they were young

Christians. They were really touched to see a local church reaching out and looking

after those in our community.

This week I sent a message again to those who had contacted me. The young couple replied. The young lady said she checked out our website and said she’d love to come down to our Mother and Toddler group.

In these extraordinary days the Church need to be praying, turning back to the Lord but we also need to be proactive, not huge gatherings or gestures, but the simple things like making contact, offering support, praying for others, while at the same time asking the Lord to use our efforts for His glory.

Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear?

The Lord is the stronghold of my life - of whom shall I be afraid?

Pastor Darran Dowey

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